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Home / Archived Projects / 2011 Air®
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2011 Air®

Air Broschure

POLE PROJECT 2011 : Air®

Air - like water - is central to life.


Together with Elica, the global market leader in domestic air treatment equipment (e.g. kitchen hoods), novel concepts for technologies shall be developed to improve air quality in the domestic or public domain. Furthermore, new application domains using Elica's competencies shall be explored.  High expectations with respect to appealing design, technological standards - e.g. reduced noise levels and low energy consumption -  necessitate the cooperation in trans-disciplinary teams. The composition of the student teams, originating from different international universities guarantees an acquaintance with other methodologies and approaches and a deepening of cultural understanding.

The frame of cooperation is two-fold:

A kick-off week in Guadalajara, Mexico from February 20 - February 27, 2011 for all students will be followed by a video-conference based co-operation from the home universities.



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