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Home / Archived Projects / 2005 CanPlus©
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2005 CanPlus©

Pole Europe 2K'5 Sommer 05
POLE Europe is an initiative for innovation in learning and teaching at European Universities. The POLE Europe philosophy is focusing on the following six main issues: Interdisciplinary Team Work, Internationality, Process Design, Real World Problems, Use of Modern Information and Collaboration Technologies and Industry Mentorships. POLE Europe's course will integrate the disciplines mechanical engineering, industrial design, plastics and materials technology, economy, food sciences and food technology. Students of the process management curriculum of the UAS Aargau will coordinate this interdisciplinary and international project.

Nestlé developed the first milk food for infants in 1867. Since then the company has become and remained a world leader in the field of nutrition, but Nestlé also strongly expanded in the fields of research for clinical applications and lifestyle products. One of the most traditional and successful Nestlé products is condensed milk. The design of the well known can for this product was not changed since the very beginning. But lately, this packaging has gone out of fashion. A new design is sought-after.This development will be the topic of the interdisciplinary POLE Europe project. For the development of a novel and innovative packaging, the following directions have been identified:

new materials with - potentially - high-tech features; re-closure capability; variable appearance according to cultural adoption, e.g. in Latin America, Asia, Europe; new filling and packaging procedures. Legal aspects in the context of protection by international patents have to be evaluated. Nestlé has offered the mentorship by a team of its own experts to accompany the project. The project shall attract and is offered to advanced or graduate students from the fields: Food Sciences and Food Technology, Plastics Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Economics, Industrial Design, Law, Marketing, Process Management.

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