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Home / Archived Projects / 2004 Peak of Relaxation (Adelboden)
Home / Archived Projects / 2004 Peak of Relaxation (Adelboden)
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2004 Peak of Relaxation (Adelboden)

Pole Europe 2K'4 Summer 04

The importance of alpine regions as cultural and
recreational space lies at the heart of the European
Alpen Treaty. In addition, the protocol draws attention
to the ‚great significance’ of the interrelation
between alpine and urban space and the resulting
consequences, which are not to be underestimated.

As a result of this, the aspect of sustainability figures
as an integral part throughout all documents relating
to the Alpen Treaty.

The awareness of the population of natural spatial
boundaries on the one hand and the sensitivity of
the ecosystem on the other hand draws attention to
the issue of compatibility between these elements.
Through careful observation of the intricate relationship
between human activity and its consequences,
it appears that these issues can be positively affected.

The core task of the Peak of Relaxation POLE project
will consist of research into a holistic well-being
concept in conjunction with the design of a new
well-being perimeter in Adelboden/canton Bern.

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