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Home / Archived Projects / 2012 MOVE!
Home / Archived Projects / 2012 MOVE!
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2012 MOVE!


POLE PROJECT 2012: Move!

Make kids physically more active.


Health is one of our most precious treasures. However, the knowledge to preserve it is often missing or repressed. It is a proven fact that physical activity helps to remain well and fit and is a warrantor for a longer life. Physical activity should start at young age with children and then become a indispensible regularity. Medical surveys, however, show that there is a growing passivity in children and young adolescents in the USA and Europe as well. The POLE Project “MOVE!“ intends to create a tool to overcome this phlegm and make sports an object of daily desire. Scientific studies show that individual feedbacks can help to make a person more aware of her/his activity and often become a motivator for conscious sports activity. The product of “MOVE!“ will, therefore, measure the indi­vidual motion of a person, filter it in a person-related (age, height, weight, etc.) manner and allow the display of the results on the device itself, on a smart phone or a computer by an easy to handle data transfer system.

The above description shows that the design of such a device necessitates the cooperation of many disciplines. There are psychological factors involved to understand children’s behavior and expectations about the “looks” of such a device; there are mechanical and materials ques­tions to be answered to make a tool haptically attractive and resistant to sweat, water, rain, etc.; the integration of miniaturized accelerometers, data storage components and filter algorithms on a microelectronic chip will chal­lenge both mechatronics and electrical engineers as well as computer science experts; finally, the visual appear­ance and the ergonomic qualities of the tool will be crucial for the decision of a child whether or not “MOVE!“ will become a “must-have” gadget like the Tamagotchi egg in the 1990’s.