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Home / Archived Projects / 2004 SnowDive
Home / Archived Projects / 2004 SnowDive
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2004 SnowDive

Pole Europe 2K'4 Winter 04

Snow sports have gained a strong stimulus when
the traditional skis were supplemented by snow
boards. The SnowDive® sports gear is a novel idea
for a further development. It reminds of a scooter on
snow; it is far different to handle though: Its balance
is excellent, it allows beginners to rapidly develop
their skills and move down relatively steep slopes
- even in deep snow fields. With SnowDive® one
can perform narrow and even rapid turns as well as
achieve high speeds. It is very comfortable since one
can ride it wearing hiking boots. SnowDive® can be
used easily on any up-hill transportation means in
ski areas. Its parts can be disassembled easily and
therefore SnowDive® can be carried in a sports bag.
SnowDive® is a competitive product to similar sporting
gears like Snow Scoot, a French innovation

SnowDive gross