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Home / Archived Projects / 2008 Sun&Shade
Home / Archived Projects / 2008 Sun&Shade
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2008 Sun&Shade

Schenker Storen Inc. has been the market leader in sun protection systems in Switzerland and beyond. Its palette of products ranges from parasols, high tech shutters to indoor products and full scale automated sun protection concepts for buildings. In the context of this year’s POLE project Sun&Shade novel concepts of sun protection will be developed in co-operation with Schenker. The project task will take a special focus on the use of sustainable materials and low energy consumption. The proposed solutions will also have to take into consideration means of self-controlled mechanisms to prevent damage due to wind or climatic influences. In addition modular systems are sought for which allow for flexible and aesthetically appealing arrangements. The design task is quite open for innovative contributions. It invites and anticipates concepts for indoor as well as outdoor façade applications. In addition to the design aspects it is also expected that the marketability of a new product and price issues are kept in mind. The structural design of the system will challenge mechanical engineers’ thinking as well as make use of knowledge of material science and plastics technology. The integration of new electro- or hydraulically active systems (incl. sensors) must be investigated. The complexity of the design task definitely requires multidisciplinary teams consisting of students from technical as well as artistic disciplines. Especially today’s architects’ requirements of systems which are invisible, slender and never the less do their job as wind-stabile and efficient sun protectors form a challenging task for the multi-disciplinary team.

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