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Home / Archived Projects / 2007 XFrame
Home / Archived Projects / 2007 XFrame
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2007 XFrame

Pole Europe 2K'7 Sommer 07
Human beings have always carried loads - women and men tie their children to the back, hunters carry the pray home, porters suffer under the weight of pianos. Also in sports weights have to be taken along, e.g. on backpacking or mountain climbing adventures. An additional field of interest is medicine and rehabilitation where support structures or artificial limbs need to be attached to the human body. Always with the intention to make the carrying process as convenient and as safe as possible.
The Xframe project targets for all these applications by asking for a novel solution to attach loads to the individual human body in an ergonomic way to make carrying comfortable and avoiding high pressure areas or long term injuries to the orthopaedic apparatus.

The multi-disciplinary teams involved in this POLE Xframe project shall have participants of the following backgrounds:
_ industrial and product design
_ biomedical engineering
_ mechanical engineering
_ electrical engineering
_ plastics technology and material science
_ process management